Landlocked in East Africa, bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan

‘The pearl of Africa’, as Uganda is fondly known, stems from it’s rich diversity of culture and wildlife. With the extreme diversity in vegetation, from dry Savannah to thick tropical forests, this country offers the widest variety of wildlife.

It is a once in a lifetime experience for any traveler, as you’ll get to be up close with these amazing creatures. Tour groups are kept small, to keep the experience intimate.

Uganda is home to the local Batwa Tribe of Bwindi, which is one of the Pygmy tribes, who are known to be ‘keepers of the forest’. Enjoy an enriching experience learning about their culture, and traditions of these hunter-gatherers.

There is a rich diversity of ecosystems throughout the country. You won’t want to miss our on a tour along any of the many beautiful crystal clear lakes and scenic rivers. One of these is Africa’s largest lake, Lake Victoria. There are a range of National Parks and sanctuaries to visit that the Big 5 call home, and they offer great safari opportunities and luxury accommodation options.

Another animal sightings not to miss are the troops of gorillas and chimpanzees, facilitated by numerous trekking options. Other Primates such as Black and White Colobus, Grey Cheeked Mangabey, and Red Tailed Monkeys, can also be seen. So why not spend some time gorilla trekking through Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and experience the majesty of these amazing animals.


  Primate Safari ( 6 Days )

  Gorilla Tracking ( 7 Days )

  Hot Air Balloon Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park

  Fly in Safari ( 10 Days)

Tanzania, is home to the iconic migration of Wildebeest where hundreds of thousands of Wildebeest cross the great African plains in search for better grazing and water.

In the Northern parts of Tanzania, sits Mounts Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, which offers the more adventurous traveler the opportunity to take on a once in a lifetime trek up this incredible mountain.


Borders Kenya and Uganda to the north

Close your eyes; imagine the beating of a thousands hooves, the echoing roar of lion and the beautiful sight of the vast open plains of Africa.

Tanzania is one of the most sought after safari destinations in the Eastern Africa region, and for good reason.

Tanzania offers world-class safari lodges along with some of the most incredible safari experiences in Africa. For the adventure seeker, one can opt in to the tented safari options allowing you to be that much closer to the African wildlife.

In terms of offerings, Tanzania has a vast variety to explore. From a rich diversity of cultures such as the famous Masai, to Ngorongoro Crater – the largest crater on earth to witnessing some of the largest flamingo populations across the abundance of lakes.

Be sure to stop at some roadside vendors and the Mto wa Mbu cultural center.  Last, but not least, add a trip to Serengeti Hippo Pool to see some happy hippos wallow in the mud.

Kilimanjaro Trekking

  Kilimanjaro Climbing – Marangu Route (6 Days)

  Kilimanjaro Climbing – Marangu Route (7 Days)

Budget Safaris

  Tanzania Wilderness Safari (7 Days)

  Best of Tanzania (6 Days)

Family Safaris

  Authentic Tanzania Safari (3 Days)

  Tanzania Luxury Sky Safari (10 Days)

Honeymoon Safaris

  Wildlife Safari and Zanzibar – Bush to Beach (9 Days)

Great Migration Safaris

  The Best Northern Tanzania Safari (8 Days)

  Serengeti Migration River Crossing (8 Days)

Luxury Safaris

  Tanzania Odysseys Safari (7 Days)

  Tanzania Wilderness Safari (7 Days)

  Mikumi Ruaha Selous Experience (10 Days)

  Classic Serengeti Safari (3 Days) combo option with Uganda


  The South Antananarivo to Tulear (9 Days)
  The East Antananarivo to Sainte Marie (7 Days)
  Madagascar seen from above (5 Days )
  Unusual Getaway to the South (6 Days)
  Panoramas of the South West (7 Days)
  Emerald Coast (8 Days)
  Nosy Saba & Radama (8 Days)
  Nature Stay at Ankazoberavina (5 Days)
  Romantic Fugue at Nosy Komba (8 Days)
  Between land & sea in Antsanitia (7 Days)
  Cruise : Mahajanga to Nosy ( 7 Days )


World’s 4th largest island off the East cost of Africa

Due to the unique isolation of Madagascar to the rest of the world, the majority of the wildlife it homes, including half of it’s bird population, as well as most of its plant species, don’t exist anywhere else is the world!

The country’s one-of-a-kind ecology has led some to refer to Madagascar as the “eighth continent”, and is known as a biodiversity hotspot.

Be Prepared to see things you won’t anywhere else. All that you see, hear and touch is a unique experience here. The fauna, the hills, and the abundance of untouched nature is something to behold.

You could holiday here time and time again, and never have the same experience twice. Some unique experiences include seeing lemurs dancing while taking a safari, snorkeling along a colourful cost of sea life, watching the sun set over the beautiful beaches along the coast, and enjoying the sounds. Or treat yourself to an exclusive overnight stay at one of Madagascar’s private islands, Nosy Iranja and Nosy Mitsio (Tsarabanjina).

Watch hump-backed whales migrate over August and September when you visit Sainte Marie Island. A Madagascan holiday is the epitome of the ‘tropical beach getaway’


Zanzibar lies off the coast of the mainland of Tanzania, in East Africa

Zanzibar consists of many small islands and two large ones: Unguja, and Pemba Island. These beautiful and remote tropical paradise Islands are where the art of relaxation has been perfected.

Zanzibar is a great place to unwind whilst sipping cocktails on one of the many pristine beaches, soaking up the African sun.

Known for its spicy East African flavored foods, and its picture-perfect peaceful setting, Zanzibar is a destination for a family holiday or a romantic honeymoon getaway. Visit the Darajani Market to experience the local culture and cuisine all in one magical place!

The capital, Stone Town, is a popular destination and also happens to be the birth town of Queen’s Freddie Mercury. Zanzibar is also home to the Colobus Monkey, a rare species of primate, which is critically endangered, making it a special site if spotted.

Other local attractions include, The House of Wonders (Beit-el-Ajaib) museum which explores that rich history that Zanzibar has to offer. Pemba Island remains untouched off the coast of Zanzibar, and offers travelers the perfect beach escape.

Dwyka Travel will arrange an unforgettable  Zanzibar experience, covering everything from A to Z to ensure that your family holiday, romantic getaway or adventurous exploration is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind experience.


  Zanzibar Stone Town Experience ( 3 Days )

  Zanzibar Kendwa Beach Holiday ( 4 Days )

  Explore Zanzibar Luxury Beach Holiday ( 5 Days )

  Zanzibar Honeymoon Holiday ( 7 Days )

  Explore Zanzibar & Pemba Islands ( 8 Days )

  Bush to Beach – Wildlife Safari and Zanzibar Beach Holiday ( 9 Days )