Nestled between Zimbabwe, Namibia and Zambia

You’ll get the best of what Botswana has to offer with our range of tour options. Our luxury itineraries will let you explore  in style.

Discover the untouched hideaways and wildlife sanctuaries, and end your trip off with a memorable tour of the world-famous Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. One thing’s for sure, that there’s no shortage of wildlife to see here.

The Black Mane Lion, and herds of Springbok and Wildebeest roam the vast open Kalahari Desert and the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. The nomadic San people also frequent these plains. Enjoy a tour that will explore, first-hand, the tribe’s rituals, hunting techniques, and way of life.

The Moremi Game Reserve and the Chobe Game Reserve of Botswana offer exclusive lodges with luxury accommodation and incredible game viewing. Get lost watching flamingos, and a variety of other native bird species, in the salt lake pans at Nata Bird Sanctuary.

As an extension to your Botswana holiday you can visit the renowned Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. The Falls have a width of close to 2km and a drop of 108 meters, ideal for adventure activities, including bungee jumping, white river rafting or a microlite flight to get a bird’s eye view of these incredible falls.


  Visit the wetlands of Nogatsaa and Tchinga, and you’ll be treated to sightings of hippos, crocs, elephants, water buffalo.

  Enjoy a dinner cruise on the Zambezi River, overlooking the sunset and Victoria Falls.

  Join the early risers, and meet up with a group tour that explores Sunrise Photography around the Falls.

  Live on the wild side, and take a bungee jump off of the Victoria Falls Bridge with expert assistance, and an unseen view of the river and gorge beneath you.

Add to all this historic authenticity, a deluxe lodging experience, and you have a recipe for invigorating, trouble-free travels. Namibia is vast and wild with over 2 million inhabitants.

Namibia’s landscape varies, from the dunescapes in the west, to the mountainous wilderness of the north, from the forbidding flatlands of the Kalahari in the east, to the stupendous Fish River Canyon in the deep south. Swakopmund, a Germanic resort on the coast, is a destination in its own right, with palm trees, gift shops, good restaurants and a more relaxed feel – not to mention some of the best extreme-sports options, from skydiving to sand-boarding, in southern Africa.


Namibia is in southern Africa, whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean

Not only does Namibia have exceptional wildlife, including a quarter of the world’s cheetahs, and a well-developed network of safari lodges and game parks, but it’s coastline and deserts are some of the most photographed across the globe.

Traditional local culture is still strong here and, for many visitors, meeting the Himba people in the far north-west, or the San tribe of the Kalahari, is a once-in-a-lifetime, and humbling experience.

Feel free to tap into your adventurous side, and explore the Namibian desert on Quad Bike, or Sand-Board along the desert dunes. Visit the watering hole at Mahango Game Reserve at dusk or dawn, and you’ll be treated to an array of wildlife sightings.

You could also be one of the lucky few who get to stand at the Tropic of Capricorn or take a camping trip under the African stars along the lush Hoanib River, but be sure to stay alert for elephants! Tourists have called the Cape Cross walk with seals an “indescribable experience”, and something that can’t be missed if you have a love for marine life.

Accommodated Namibian Safaris

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Namibian Family Safaris

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Private Namibian Safaris

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